Updated: October 3/2021

1975 Follis 672

This 672 Follis was built under the stewardship of Myriam Follis and her husband Jean-Claude Chollet for an A. Vella who lived in the suburbs of Lyon (see address on seatpost). It sports the heart lug cutouts, which are the trademark of the 672 model, and many of the components (i.e., seatpost, brake calipers, and crankset) were extensively reworked at the factory. This bike came to me complete from France, exception being the saddle and the pedals. HISTORY Cycles J. Follis was founded in Turin (Italy) in 1903. Joseph (Giuseppe) Follis subsequently relocated the company to Lyon (France), first at 44 rue du Dauphiné and then at number 10-16 rue Danton. His son François-Marcel, who would eventually take over the company, was born October 16, 1911 in Alpignano (Turin region in Italy). In France J. Follis was employed as a production manager at MOREL & VANA that manufactured the FORTIS brand of bicycles. After the company ceased operations, he established Cycles Follis. During the 2nd World War, François Follis took over the management of the Company and increased production (J. Follis died in 1947). The range of bicycles produced ranged from the inexpensive to very high quality racing machines, and during the 40s Follis sponsored a strong team of riders. Because other frame builders would procure Follis frame sets and rebadge them, around 1952 Follis created lugs that were embossed with Follis and Lyon in the upper and lower head lugs, respectively, effectively putting an end to this practice. In 1973, Myriam Follis (daughter of François-Marcel) and her husband Jean-Claude Chollet resumed the activity of producing high quality bicycles. The Follis brand ceased bicycle production in 2007. THE BIKE Frame: Follis Model 672 with Reynolds 531 3 Main Tubes, and Durifort fork blades and stays. The frameset was made for a certain A. Vella (see seatpost for complete details) . The fork crown has SC cast into it, which stands for Service des Courses. Seat and top tubes, 51.5 cm and 53.5 cm, respectively (c-to-c). This from the Follis brochure: "The Follis 672 is custom made on an individual basis. The frame can be designed to ones' specifictions for stiffness, weight, and handling." Brakeset: 1st generation Dura-Ace calipers and levers. The calipers were reworked by Follis. Handlebars: Engraved with "Follis Champion de France" and "1st Prix Constructeurs". Stem: Pantographed Follis stem. Headset: Stronglight Competition Shifters: Huret reworked by Follis Front Derailleur: 1st generation (1973-76) Dura-Ace. Rear Derailleur: 1st generation Shimano Crane Crankset: Reworked and pantographed 631/633 Nervar 5 pin with owner's name. Bottom Bracket: Nervar Pedals: Maillard 700 Wheelset: No name hubs laced with tied and soldered spokes to Mavic Championnat du Monde Professionnel rims. Nervex quick release. Chain : Regina SC Freewheel: Shimano Dura Ace 5 speed. Seatpost: Pantographed Satri 26.6 mm diameter with the name and address of the original owner (A. Vella, 1 Rue L. Bleriot, 69330 Meyzieu). Meyzieu is a suburb of Lyon, where Follis were built. Saddle: Cinelli Unicanitor