Updated: October 3/2021

1974 Marastoni

Licinio Marastoni built frames for a number of pros, most notably Coppi and Moser. Marastoni was also one of the first frame builders to cast his own lugs that were later produced on a large scale for others with investment from Cino Cinelli. I bought the bike pictured here from Sebastiano Faraci (San Martino In Rio, Italy) for 900 euros, in early 2020. The frameset is #0309 (i.e., 1309). At first glance I thought it was an early 70's (has Campagnolo 1010 dropouts and 122 mm rear triangle spacing), but then noticed that it had a front derailleur braze-on that was not commercially available until 1982. So what is going on with #0309? I own Marastoni #242, which I bought from Steven Maasland in 2016 (see my other Flickr albums). According to Maasland, Marastoni's log book shows that #242 was built in 1966 and according to Maasland, refinished in the late 60s or early 70s. More recently, there was an article (www.ferrivecchi-cicli.it/ferrivecchi-incontra-licinio-mar...) stating that #0426 was built in 1975 (based on Marastoni's built logs, see picture in this album). To determine #0309's built year I used #242 (1966) and #0426 (1975) as my benchmarks. Doing the arithmetic [(1426-242)/10=118.4 frames/year], indicating #0309's built year as 1974. Frameset #0752 was supposedly built in 1979, while my simple arithmetic places it ca 1978. In my opinion, the frameset was sent back to Marastoni sometime in the 1980s. I believe that Marastoni added the front derailleur braze-on, moved the derailleur shift cable from the top of the bottom bracket to the bottom, repositioned the chainstay rear derailleur braze-on, and chromed the frame, including the fork, which was the thing to do back then. With regard to the internal rear brake cable, Marastoni was doing this brake treatment from the 1950s. THE BIKE Frame: ca 1974 Marastoni frameset #0309 with internal rear brake cable routing. Most likely refinished in the 1980s by Marastoni (see description). Top tube: 54.5 cm c-to-c; Seat tube: 53 cm c-to-c. Brakeset: Campagnolo Record, pre CPSC calipers with flat shaped quick release cam levers. Early 70s Record levers with pronounced curve and "World logo" hoods. Handlebars: 3TTT Mod. Grand Prix Stem: Marastoni pantographed 3TTT Headset: Campagnolo Record Shifters: Campagnolo Record Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Super Record (braze-on) Rear Derailleur: 1977 Super Record with titanium bolts Crankset: 1977/78 Campagnolo Record (144 mm BCD). Pantographed Marastoni 52 toothed chain ring. Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record thin walled cups Pedals: Campagnolo Superleggeri with AL-PI cages Wheelset: 1977 Campagnolo Record hubs (lock nuts dated 77) with Nisi Sludi Mod. 290 rims Chain : Regina Extra Freewheel: 5 speed Regina Oro 78 Seatpost: Milled Campagnolo Record (27.2 mm) Saddle: 3TTT Criterium 78 Water Bottle Cage/Bottle: Reg ATOX bottle and Reg alloy cage