Updated: October 3/2021

1958 Paratella

Torino is a city in northern Italy from which some of the most recognized bike builders hailed from. Well-known builders, such as Guiseppe Pelà, Angelo Picchio and Corrado Paratella, to name a few, were based in Torino. Corrado Paratella was born September 28, 1912 and it is thought that he built less than 1000 framesets from the 1940's - 80's. The Torino I.B.A.C team had their bike built by Paratella for the 1964 season. The bike featured here is from Corrado Paratella's shop that he built in 1958. Although he was not as well-known as, for example, Pelà, his framesets were built using distinct hand-cut lugs and his frames are precisely dated from the serial number on the seat tube lug. The Paratella is fitted with an Ottusi saddle. At gae 14, Mario Ottusi began working for Hugo Koblet and was a mechanic's assistant at age 16 for Charly Gaul during the Giro d'Italia. Following that, Ottusi worked as a mechanic on Learco Guerra's 1958 Tour de France Tour winning tour. Note: Mario's father was the frame builder Guiseppe Ottusi, who was the team mechanic on Learco Guerra's FAEMA team. THE BIKE Frame: The paint seems original, although there was a repair done to the right seat stay - probably done by Paratella himself as the paint is practically indistinguishable. Frame number 5833, indicates the 33rd frameset built in 1958. Left chain stay shows Libelulla (dragonfly) tubing stamp. Fork crown stamped "Paratella" with 4-leaf clover. Top and seat tubes, 54.0 and 51.5 c-to-c, respectively. Brakeset: Universal Extra Mod. 51 Brev. 453949 calipers and levers. Early Campagnolo brake cable clips. Handlebars: Ambrosio Champion Stem: Ambrosio Champion Headset: Campagnolo 1039 Gran Sport with grooves in the lower and upper cups (last generation). Shifters: Campagnolo 1014 open C Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport 1012 with tension bolt adjustment Crankset: 1958, first generation Campagnolo Record (missing dust caps). Bottom Bracket: 1958 Campagnolo Record Pedals: Campagnolo Gran Sport with 10 mm axle spindle thread. Christophe Special toe clips and Ale straps. Wheelset: Campagnolo 3-piece Gran Sport hubs (dated 1953) laced to Nisi Moncalieri rims. Chain : Regina Gran Sport SC Freewheel: Regina Gran Sport 5 speed (dated 1953) Seatpost: Campagnolo Record steel (1956- 60). Saddle: Brooks Model B-17 blocked and butchered by Ottusi.