Updated: June 11/2020

1972 Colnago Super

I bought this bike from Via Bicycle (Philadelphia, PA) in 2013. The bike was originally sold to a Philadelphia medical doctor by Hill Cycle. The drillium modifications were done by Robin Renzetti in the early 70s. For more information about Renzetti visit: bikeville.blogspot.com/2013/01/renzetti-modications-drill... For more information about this bike prior to me acquiring it visit: bikeville.blogspot.com/2014/02/i-like-before-and-after-se... The paint is original. No touch ups on the frameset! With the exception of the downtube decals, all others are original. Nuovo Record rear derailleur dated 1971, no date Nuovo Record crankset. Frame Features: Lugs: Cutouts in all 3 lugs, but club in bottom head lug is larger than the other two. Fork Crown: Investment cast crown with clubs. Note, no holes in side of crown. Fork Tangs: Narrow tangs with two holes. Upper hole larger than the lower hole. Seat Stay Caps: Fluted and plain - no pantograph. Bottom Bracket: Club cutout in BB shell, with braze-on derailleur cable guides.