Updated: June 11/2020

1970 Falcon San Remo

I bought this 1970 Falcon San Remo from an E-Bay auction in 2014. The chrome is in exceptionally fine condition and the decals are replacements, procured from Cyclomondo (Australia). Unlike the commonly used Prugnat lugs, this bike has lugs by Emilio Bozzi similar to those used by Fiorelli (Novi Ligure) - I originally thought they were Nervex. Also, the wrap-over seatstays were modified from the "rod" to a “flattened” design. Unlike my 1973 Falcon, this one has a Davis sloping fork crown, with a more pronounced fork rake. are decals are - wheelset was not included . It has original paint/decals, and with the exception of tires, handlebar tape, and brake hoods, all components are original to the bike. With the exception of the brake levers, and wheelset, all other components are original to the bike. For a Falcon with the same lug set visit the following site: veloclassics.blogspot.com/search/label/Falcon%20San%20Rem... For a brief history of Falcon Bicycles visit Sheldon Brown's website: sheldonbrown.com/falcon.html