Updated: June 11/2020

1969 Masi Special

I bought this 1969 Masi Special frameset/headset on January 2, 2012. The bike has original paint and decals. It also sports the so-called Guinticiclo lugs, with triangular side windows, which Masi used in 1969 and 70, primarily with their road frames. 1969 Campagnolo hubs are laced with Stella spokes to period correct Fiamme rims (no text above the knight's helmet) with NOS 80s Clement silk tubular tires. The bike is also outfitted with a mid 60s Ottusi saddle. UPDATE OTTUSI SADDLES Hi John (Barron) and all: In 1963-4 I brought a few Ottussi saddles to the US. The first time I saw these was at 6 day race in Madison Square Garden. Since I am a bike nut I'd spend all of my time on the in-field, watching the riders and their bikes. If I remember correctly, it seemed like almost all of them had these strangely shaped saddles with big rivets. When I got close I could see the saddles were stamped Brooks but didn't look like any Brooks saddle I'd seen. Then noticed the Ottusi stamp on the large rivets. That summer I led an AYH bike tour in Europe. After the tour I went to the Cinelli shop, a place I had visited a few years earlier. I no longer remember how the subject came up, but Cino showed me an Ottusi saddle, which I bought. Over the next 2-3 years, again leading an AYH tour, I bought several more Ottusi saddles. They were all made from Brooks B17 standard with the skirt chamfered. Normally the skirt on the standard model was blunt. The saddles were also somewhat softened and had a strange smell, I assume from the leather treatment that Steve Massland mentioned. Several years ago on this CR forum I speculated that Ottusi worked for Cinelli. Because it didn't make any sense to me why Cino would show me an Ottusi saddle when he had just released his own Unicanitor. Many years latter at InterBike I mentioned to a Fizik rep that the Aliante saddle looked like the Ottusi. He was surprised and confirmed that it was modeled after the Ottusi. Here are pic of my Ottusi and Bettini saddles. The Bettini had the rails shortened at the cantle plate. Sorry I can't find the Bettini saddle. But here's a write-up about the man and a pic of his saddle on a Merckx's bike. Michael Allison New York, NY THE BIKE Frame: Most likely Reynolds 531 with windowed Guinticiclo lugs. Original paint. Brakeset: Universal 68 brake levers and calipers. Handlebars: Cinelli Mod. Campione del Mondo Stem: Cinelli Mod. 1/A, stamped Cinelli Milano - Bar Clamp Diameter: 26.4 mm; Quill Diameter: 22.2 mm; 12 mm nut and keyed bolt. Headset: Campagnolo Nuovo Record with diamond C marking. Shifters: Campagnolo Nuovo Record Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (no date) Crankset: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (no date, 144 mm BCD) Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pedals: Campagnolo Nuovo Record with toe strap loop. Wheelset: Campagnolo hubs with Fiamme rims. Chain : Regina S.C. Freewheel: 5 speed Regina Oro Seatpost: Campagnolo Nuovo Record (27.2 mm) Saddle: Ottussi modified Brooks B-17 from the early 60s. Bought from the original owner, M. Barbosa Medeiros.