Updated: June 11/2020

1960 Masi Special Pista

This is a ca 1960 Masi Pista frame with period correct equipment. Bought the frameset/headset/bottom bracket from Eddie Albert in August of 2015. According to Eddie, this was a team bike, as indicated by the "MASI" stamp on the bottom bracket, and painted in team colors. At some point, the bike was repainted, and was most likely used as a "fixie" as indicated by the top tube clamp marks. George Hollenberg showed pictures of the frameset to Alberto Masi who dated it at around 1964/5. However, Eddie and I believe it to be slightly earlier. Alberto Masi also confirmed that it was a team bike, as only those were ever stamped MASI. Faliero Masi was born on May 11, 1908 in Sesto Fiorentino, a town between Florence and Prato. For a 1991 interview with Masi visit this site: (bikeraceinfo.com/oralhistory/masi.html). UPDATE The frameset was owned by Sean Flores of San Francisco, CA. He put it up for sale in September of 2010, at which time it was bought by Eddie Albert. At that time there was much discussion on the CR list about various aspects of the frame, including its faux twin-plate fork crown and whether or not it was designed as a "trainer". To access the complete 2010 discussion, please follow this link: search.bikelist.org/query.asp?SearchString=%22ebay+Outing... THE BIKE Frame: Reynolds 531 (most likely). Not original paint, with many touch-ups. Bottom bracket marked MASI and 51. Steerer tube marked A51. Fork poorly drilled for a front brake after it left the Masi shop. Handlebars: Cinelli Pista steel #18 Stem: Cinelli Pista steel (oval Milano stamp) Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport with domed lock nut. Crankset: 1958-1960 first generation Campagnolo Record Pista Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record Pedals: Campagnolo Record Pista Wheelset: Campagnolo hubs (40 hole rear and 36 hole front) laced to Fiamme Brevetto Longhi rims, with ferrule for the valve hole. Tied and soldered Stella spokes rear, Sacchetti spokes front. Chain : 1/8" Rex Baldwin (USA) Sprocket: Everest G.-Caimi (Italy). Since replaced by 1/8" Campagnolo steel sprocket. Seatpost: Campagnolo 27.0 Saddle: Brooks B-17 Champion Sprinter