Updated: June 4/2020

1972 A. Suzzi

I acquired this A. Suzzi on April 1, 2014. Alfredo Suzzi's workshop was in Imola, but he had a retail shop in Bologna, at via Fossato 21. He was in the cycling business for a number of decades (supposedly he died in 1998 at the age of 96). I am presently researching the origins of this Suzzi, as I believe that Suzzi was a mechanic/framebuilder, but that he also had bikes made for his shop by others. (I own another Suzzi that was built by Umberto Marnati (Milano)), with the "Marnati shield" prominent in the lug cutouts.) This was not uncommon. For example, supposedly Freschi (Francesco) had 50 % of their frames built in-house, and used framebuilders like Renato Negri (Pogliaghi) and Mondonico for the remainder. This particular bike is in original paint and has the mark SA (in trangular brackets) stamped on the right side of the seatlug, not unlike the PSM by Pogliaghi. It may very well be that this bike was built in Suzzi's shop in Imola. Update: After conversations with Jon Williams (Grant Pass, OR), Jon made it known to me that Mario Peloso (Alessandria, Italy) stamped the future owner's initials into the seat lug. He then went on to say that Mike Barry (Bicycle Specialties, Toronto, ON, Canada) has a very nice write-up about his Peloso (bicyclespecialties.blogspot.com/2009/06/peloso.html), that was built for him in the early 70s. Looking at the Barry Peloso seat lug one notices the initials MB enclosed by triangular brackets, in the same manner as the Suzzi pictured - has SA in triangular bracket, possibly for Suzzi Alfredo, which is an accepted way of addressing someone in Italy. (I have seen similar Suzzi bikes from the early to mid 70s period.) All Suzzi bicycles that I have seen on various websites date from the late 60s to late 70s, or so. Only one is from an earlier period ( troppebici.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/bici-corsa-suzzi-1946/). I therefore contend that all Suzzi bikes with the trademark Suzzi pink color were made by contractors like Umberto Marnati and Mario Peloso, to name a couple, and sold by Suzzi's shop in Bologna . If someone has further information regarding Suzzi bicycles, please let me know.