Updated: June 4/2020

1962 Frejus Supercorsa

I acquired this bike from Paul J. Wilson of Temecula, CA in September of 2016. The bicycle was faithfully refinished by Ruth Alvarado of CyclArt (Vista, CA, currently located in Little Rock, AR). Ruth has worked at CyclArt since 1989. Bike was sold in May 22, 1962 by Broadmoor Bicycle Shop (98 San Pedro Road, Daly City, CA) to Mr. Ratto of 612 Highland, San Mateo, CA (see receipt). Distinguishing features of this bike are that all of the braze-ons are original to the bike, and the drive side seat and chain stays are curved. I have seen a few others with similar serial numbers painted in the same white color and with the above mentioned features. The Frejus brand was founded in 1896 in Turin by Emmo Ghelfi and run by him until 1946. The brand was later acquired by Emilio Bozzi and co-produced in Milan with his Legnano and Woolsit brands. This e-mail from Jerry Tenenberg "I think you may have the sister bike to the one I have. When I got that from Cyclart, they told me that it was bought along with a sister and the original owner was thinking of reuniting them! I don't think he ever did and perhaps you have that bike if it is close in serial number. Mine is absolutely original everywhere except I put on new Scheffield pedals. If has the campy narrow saddle and post as well! Great bike, but I think it is one of those that I will be selling unfortunately. I have gotten into adding to my French collection a little too much!" Jerry's Frejus 77345: Before: www.flickr.com/photos/45847888@N08/albums/72157626163269080 After: www.flickr.com/photos/45847888@N08/albums/72157625706201875 THE BIKE Frame: Top of the line Frejus Supercorsa MC 56 (77596) refinished by CyclArt. Reynolds 531 with original braze-ons, chrome fork and curved drive side seat and chain stays. Brakeset: Mafac Dural Forge with NOS brake levers. Handlebars: Ambrosio Champion with NOS TA water bottle cage. Stem: Ambrosio Champion Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport, last version. Shifters: Campagnolo Record Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport with steel pulleys. Crankset: Campagnolo Record No date code, 151 BCD. After 1966 BCD was changed to 144. Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Con Sfere 3/16 Pedals: Late 50s Campagnolo Record Strada with NOS Christophe Special toe clips and Ale straps. Wheelset: Campagnolo "no Record" hubs (36 hole) laced to Fiamme Brevetto Longhi rims with ferrule for the valve stem hole. 1960 dated lock nuts. Record was added to hub barrels in 1963. Chain : Everest Freewheel: Regina Gran Sport 5 speed Seatpost: Campagnolo Record 26.8 narrow cradle version to work with the Brooks B17 "Mod. Campagnolo" narrow-railed saddle introduced in 1958. Saddle: 1958 Brooks B-17 "Mod. Campagnolo" narrow-railed saddle that has twice the range of fore and aft adjustability.