Updated: June 3/2020

1961 Legnano Mod. Roma Olimpiade

Legnano is an Italian town and commune near Milan. It is also the name of one of the oldest and most storied bicycle brands in the world with some of the greatest cyclists (e.g., Bartali, Coppi), at one time or another, riding for team Legnano. The origins of the Legnano brand are somewhat controversial, but it is generally accepted that in 1902 Franco Tosi of Legnano begun selling Wolsit, while Emilio Bozzi in Milano produced Aurora bikes. In 1908 Bozzi created Emilio Bozzi & Co. and bought out Tosi and acquired the rights to the Frejus name. The company was eventually (1924) renamed Legnano (Bozzi's hometown) and the headbadge featured the warrior Alberto da Giussano, an image based on a painting from Alfredo Binda depicting the Battle of Legnano - the statue of da Giussano was erected in Legnano in 1900. The cyclists that rode for Legnano were the who's who of Italian racing - Alfredo Binda (1922); Gino Bartali (1936); Fausto Coppi (1939); Ferdinand Kübler (1950); and Ercole Baldini (1956). The team participated in the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and other major races up until 1966. Legnano bicycles were initially painted blue, then a light olive green, and finally, toward the end of the '30s, their unique metallic green color that defined the brand. THE BIKE Frame: Extra Leggeri Falck tubing. Original paint (no touch-ups). Top tube small dent. Brakeset: Universal Mod. 61 Handlebars: Legnano-branded Ambrosio Champion Stem: Ambrosio Champion Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport Shifters: Campagnolo bar-end Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport with cable tension adjustment. This feature was eliminated around 1960. Crankset: 1958 Campagnolo Record 5-pin cotterless crankset with 151mm bolt circle, 44 tooth minimum chainring. Raised pedal lip and dust caps (missing). Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record with high flanged spindle. Pedals: Campagnolo Gran Sport, with rifling introduced in 1959. 10 mm thread length. Wheelset: Legnano-branded Campagnolo hubs (no Record) laced to Fiamme Brevetto Longhi rims with Stella double butted spokes. After 1963 the word Record appeared on the hub barrel. Chain : Sedis (France) Freewheel: Regina Gran Sport 5 speed Seatpost: Narrow rail Campagnolo alloy made for the Campagnolo embossed B-17 Brooks saddle. Saddle: Narrow rail Brooks B-17 dated D58 (i.e., 1958), embossed with Campagnolo.