Updated: June 2/2020

1957 Bianchi Campione del Mondo

The Campione del Mondo model was created by Bianch to commemorate Coppi's 1953 World Championship victory in Lugano, Switzerland. This bicycle in question was made in 1957 and retains its original color, and equally important, its full fenders. Bianchi changed its model line rather frequently during the 40s and 50s. Below I mention their most important models for those two decades. The name changes seem to be associated with major wins by Bianchi's then star, Fausto Coppi: Folgore - approx. late 30s - approx. 1949 Folgorissima - approx. 1949 with the introduction of Campagnolo's single lever cambio corsa derailleur. Paris-Roubaix - in 1950, the Folgorissima became the Paris-Roubaix when Fausto Coppi won that race on April 9, 1950 Tour de France - July 1952 when Coppi wins the 1952 Tour de France. Campione del Mondo - introduced in 1953 after Coppi's win won the World Championship on August 30, 1953. Specialissima - mid-to-late 50s with the 1960 - 1965 models having chrome "socks" on the fork blades and rear stays. I believe there is much confusion in differentiating between the 50s Campione del Mondo and Specialissima models. THE BIKE Frame: Original paint with no touch-ups. Original fenders and integrated headset. Brakeset: Universal Extra Brev. 453949 calipers and levers. Handlebars: Ambrosio Champion Stem: Bianchi engraved Ambrosio Champion Headset: Bianchi integrated Shifters: Campagnolo Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport Crankset: 1958 Campagnolo Record and dust caps.It should be noted that this model would have originally come with a Magistroni engraved crankset. Bottom Bracket: 1958 Campagnolo Record Pedals: Campagnolo Gran Sport with 10 mm axle spindle thread. Christophe Special toe clips. Wheelset: Campagnolo 3-piece Gran Sport hubs laced to Nisi rims. Chain : Regina Gran Sport SC Freewheel: Regina 5 speed Seatpost: Steel Saddle: Brooks Model B-17